Appraisal - The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Portal

The Appraisal Portal is an online evaluation system to assess your preparation for cracking government jobs in India. Appraisal literally means "An act of assessing something or someone". This portal serves you for the same purpose. It provides an opportunity to assess you through online examinations of previous question papers. You can take the exam in any medium of your choice - English for UPSC, English or Telugu for APPSC and TSPSC.

You can do the following for each question paper

  • Analysis of the question paper that diagramatically represents the no.of questions from each subject, difficulty level etc.
  • Take online exam and evaluate your performance.
  • View only questions.
  • View questions and answers.
  • Solutions with explanation are provided.

Optimum Usage of This Site

Though you can attempt a paper many times, it is not advisable to attempt a single paper more than thrice. Cost-Benefit is not high. Your motive is to crack the exam, not to do PhD. Instead, attempt most relevant papers of other exams.

For example, if you are preparing for APPSC Group-I exam, then most relevant exams are

So your first task is to complete the practice of all papers of the above exams for the last 5 to 10 years.

Special Features

  • You can attempt a paper several times. This enables you to check the progress of your preparation continuously.
  • We continuously add previous question papers of different examinations conducted by the various recruiting agencies. It empowers you with a unique opportunity to attempt all relevant papers from different examinations.
  • It Saves Your Resources viz. Your Precious Youth, Valuable Time and Accumulated Finances.

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